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Great world leaders have often left a mark upon those they led through powerful speaking. From Cicero to Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr., those who have wanted to inspire others to do great things have often employed their speaking prowess in order to provide motivational messages. A motivational speaker in today’s world is often times a leader in their field, having proven themselves as being able to bring about meaningful change, while at the same time able to guide their business partners to do the same through powerful words. Motivational speakers typically travel throughout the country with the ambition of sharing successful motifs that help generate company profit as well as to raise employee morale.

The practice of public speaking extends back to ancient Greece, where the concept of oration (public speaking) was first developed. Like motivational speakers of today, often times Greek speakers were required to speak in front of professional peers in order to persuade and inspire them to rise above obstacles. That tradition survived through the fall of Rome and even into modern times, during which comedians like Saturday Night Live’s Chris Farley have parodied the motivational speaker through his character, Matt Foley. Yet, unlike Foley, a successful modern-day motivational speaker may engage a large corporate convention, a small company picnic, a student body, a political organization or any of a number of professional groups in order to help them work together and achieve further.

Too often companies use their own members as motivational speakers. While such speakers may have achieved great things in their field, they may lack the skill of a motivational speaker, which is to convey how a listener might be able to turn the speaker’s experiences into a helpful message he or she can use. A successful employee, although an asset to any company, may not be able to lift up and provide hope for fellow employees in the same way that a professional motivational speaker, trained in the art of oration, can do with well-selected messages and wider-focused philosophical meanings.

Saving a bit of money on a motivational speaker by putting an in-house employee to the task might seem like a good idea, but the money saved will not nearly match the inspirational quality lost by not seeking out and employing only the best in the world of motivation speakers.

At you’ll be able to select from the rich list of motivational speakers below who will meet the needs of your next corporate function. Whether you’re looking for a motivational keynote speaker to star at your next corporate event or a sales meeting motivational speaker to help boost crucial sales dollars, will help you achieve your motivational speaker needs.

For example, check out Carl Hammerschlag, a health care motivational speaker who will help your company learn more about healthy lifestyles. Dale Henry, a humorist and a teacher as well as a motivational speaker, will lift up your company’s ambitions, while Danny Cox, the so-called “Accelerationist” will add pep to your company’s stride. also features many other motivational speakers, all of which will certainly give your company new wings with which to fly.

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Barry Asmus: Freedom: Still America’s Best InvestmentBARRY ASMUS
Freedom: Still America’s Best Investment

The most vital force of our country has been freedom. Freedom unleashes more energy and genius than ...
Bruce Christopher: “Laugh ‘til you cry. . .Learn ‘til you change!” BRUCE CHRISTOPHER
“Laugh ‘til you cry. . .Learn ‘til you change!”

“Laugh ‘til you cry. . .Learn ‘til you change!” These are the only rules that apply at a Bru...
Carl Hammerschlag: Author, Physician & HealerCARL HAMMERSCHLAG
Author, Physician & Healer

Carl A. Hammerschlag is a master storyteller and internationally recognized author, physician, speak...
Carl Mays: Leadership, Teamwork & Performance ImprovementCARL MAYS
Leadership, Teamwork & Performance Improvement

Drawing from his solid background in business and athletics, along with degrees in psychology and co...
Charles Petty: Work/Life BalanceCHARLES PETTY
Work/Life Balance

Dr. Charles Petty is a professional motivational speaker who speaks primarily on work/life balance. ...
Cheryl Cran: Developing A Workplace of ChoiceCHERYL CRAN
Developing A Workplace of Choice

Cheryl Cran is the President of Synthesis at Work Inc. and an internationally renowned keynote speak...
Connie Podesta: High Content MotivationCONNIE PODESTA
High Content Motivation

Connie Podesta is an organizational therapist, human resource professional, and expert in the psycho...
Dale Henry: Motivator, Teacher, HumoristDALE HENRY
Motivator, Teacher, Humorist

After earning his B.S. and M.S. in Secondary Education, Dale Henry completed his Ph.D. in 1991 with ...
Dale Smith Thomas: Winning Choices For YouDALE SMITH THOMAS
Winning Choices For You

Anyone who meets Dale Smith Thomas immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist and a...
Danny Cox: The AccelerationistDANNY COX
The Accelerationist

Danny Cox is an "accelerationist", or one who causes faster movement, higher efficiency and increa...

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